We Wear Perfume is dedicated to fragrance storytelling as an alternative way of finding your perfect perfume.

If you are struggling to find a fragrance or are befuddled with the choice in store or on line, we suggest you pull up a chair, get comfy and dip into the engaging, enlightening and frequently moving stories documented here, around what fragrances other people wear and why they love them. We’re pretty sure you’ll find a few, at least, that you’re going to want to try.
Amanda Carr is a retail trend forecaster, freelance journalist and co founder of the influential blog, The Women’s Room. As a perfume fan and chief fragrance reviewer for the blog, she became aware of just how complicated it is to find your perfect perfume and how overwhelming it can be to go shopping for a new one.

The language used to describe and sell perfume by beauty brands and magazines is often confusing (cistus labdanum, anyone?) to say nothing of ageist, – when was the last time you saw an older person on a perfume advert?

During a Women’s Room Scent Salon event she realised the most informed and interesting stories came from the audience talking about their own scent stories. From a perfume bought to scent a wedding day to a fragrance that brought back memories of a wonderful holiday, the emotion tied up in the telling of these stories was powerful. Everyone has a scent story.


From left, photographer Maya Glaser, make up artist Hina Dohi, Amanda Carr and Tamara Fulton

Tamara Fulton is an experienced fashion stylist and creative director who has worked for some of the biggest luxury brands and most interesting independent designers in fashion and beauty. Her current role as Goods Editor for Hole & Corner magazine allows her to work with the most interesting luxury product on the market, as well as some of the most talented photographers working today. She brings an art director’s eye and a considered aesthetic to the design of We Wear Perfume, as well as her unwavering love for fine fragrances.

It was while chatting to Amanda at a press day the two discovered a mutual love of scent and both felt that discovering your perfect fragrance should be a much more enjoyable and stylish experience than was often on offer through many stores and websites.

And so the idea of We Wear Perfume was born, as a place to discover, through other people’s aroma adventures, brands and fragrances you may never have thought to try. Whether it’s a hand crafted scent from a little known artisan maker or something glamorously iconic from a heritage beauty brand, we hope these stories help you find your perfect perfume, whatever you age, gender or ethnicity.

NB Our reviews and stories are based on fragrance we have both bought ourselves and been given by brands and PRs.