Today I’m Wearing: Terryfic Oud by Terry de Gunzburg and Extatic by Balmain


Who: Kirsty, above left, writes the fashion and beauty blog Fashion For Lunch and is the most delightfully upbeat and cheerful individual who is immersed 24/7 in all things fashion and beauty. She firmly feels that great perfume stems from top quality ingredients.

Today I’m wearing Terry de Gunzburg Terryfic Oud. It’s strong, which I really love, I can actually smell and enjoy it on myself, it’s smokey and oud-y and has a beautiful powdery rose in it too, it smells of opulence and wealth and glamour. I just don’t want to smell wishy washy- of sea salt and whatever, it want to smell fabulous and I think it smells pretty damn fine.

Who: Ashanti Jason, above right, writes the award winning lifestyle blog Adorn Girl and is a photographer and writer who juggles a life in fashion, beauty and culture with bringing up four children. How? We can only assume, being a woman, she’s a multi tasker.

Today I’m wearing Balmain’s Extatic, it’s my absolute favourite. It smells so rich and lovely, it has something warm and comforting about it and lasts, so leaves a lovely impression on the skin. I wear it day and night and the bottle’s nearly finished so I try and be sparing with it, but I’m still  spritzing it everywhere.


  • Terry de Gunzburg Terryfic Oud

    Glamourous, sexy and with that edge of wealth, this is an oud that needs to be paid attention to. Woody, smokey and powdery. Carnal.


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  • Balmain Extatic

    A floriental, which means its a tropical floral with weight and depth, this one has jasmine and rose with a leathery dry down. Glamourous


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