Today I’m Wearing: Aqva Divina By Bulgari


Who: Nicola de Burlet, head of press at Kenneth Green Associates, prestige fragrance and beauty brand distributors. Natalie has worked in fragrance a long time and knows her stuff.

Today I’m wearing Bvlgari Aqva Divina, what I really love about it is that salty note, with its seaside-y, beach-y hair smell. I like my perfumes to be a bit musky, dirty and slightly quirky. I think those floral-florals can get a bit, well, I’m not Pollyanna and I like something that’s going to live and last on the skin.

What I’ve started doing is wearing the body creams from fragrance brands too, they smell slightly different, so today I’m also wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Classique body lotion. It’s a bit of a 16 year old’s fragrance, but the body cream is really lovely.

And since you asked, my shoes are from Boden, I know, who’d’ve thought?