Today I’m Wearing: Twenty One by The White Company

Who: Peter Robinson, head of press for The White Company. Peter is a discerning fashion and fragrance fan, having spent his working life surrounded by both. He is wearing a neat black cotton drill Jigsaw menswear jacket and posh velvety Lanvin trainers, should you be interested. 

Today I’m wearing the new fragrance Twenty One, by The White Company, which will be launching in autumn 2015 but since it’s our press day today I thought I’d wear it. It’s a unisex fragrance and really lovely, it’s very citrusy and based on a lemony, grapefruit, vetiver mix. It’s interesting because it’s a combination of Chrissie’s favourite smells from fragrances she’s had in the past and her work with The White Company’s fragrance range. It makes me feel really happy when I wear it, it’s very uplifting, like a spray of sunshine.


  • The White Company Blanc

    The first fragrance from The White Company, this is founder Chrissie Rucker's daily fragrance. Fresh, bright, floral, the colour white in a bottle

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  • The White Company Noir

    Warmly woody floral, light and easy to wear, a good one for people who 'don't like perfume'

    From £30.00

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