Today I’m Wearing: 1001 Ouds by Annick Goutal


Who: Camille Goutal, Perfumer at Annick Goutal Paris, a fragrance company founded by her mother Annick. Camille – along with Isabelle Doyen, who also worked with Annick- has the role of ‘nose’ for the company. She lives and works in Paris, but adores London for its forward thinking and love of the newCamille’s skirt, should you be interested, is from Zara and she has it four different colours.

Today I am wearing 1001 Ouds, which is a fragrance from our new Les Absolus collection. People might be surprised that we’ve done an oud fragrance, we did hold off because we weren’t sure we needed to do one. But our customers have been asking for it when they come to the Paris store and Isabelle remembered my mother had started one back on 1985 so we thought that now was the right time. The fragrance is leathery and woody, it’s not overpowering or overwhelming. When I wear it I feel confident, mysterious and sexy but not in an easy way!