Today I’m Wearing: Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb

hannah sitting wewearperfume
Who: Hannah Wareham, sculptor. Hannah, a recent graduate from Chelsea College of Arts, is seen here sitting on her latest work, a country style forged in bronze, which, when we spoke to her she was in negotiations with Charles Saatchi’s gallery to buy. Sadly he did not purchase. We think he might regret it.

Today I’m Wearing I’m wearing Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I picked it because it’s a friendly fragrance, by that I mean it’s an easy one to wear. It’s a bit sweet, a good day-to-night perfume. Actually today I have got another perfume on top, I got given some samples from Penhaligon’s and randomly picked one out that I thought might work- it’s Artemisia– and last night popped it into my makeup bag and I layered it on top of Flowerbomb and it was great, it was a bit like putting on a different dress for the evening.