Today I’m Wearing: Vetiver Veritas by Heeley

Who: James Heeley, perfumer. Born in Yorkshire but now living and working from Belgium and Paris, James is founder and nose for his eponymous fragrance label, which launched in 2006. He produces intriguing and beautifully crafted artisan smells. We are big fans of the brand here at WWP.

Today I’m Wearing Vetiver Veritas, a 100% natural perfume which is made from 90% Haitian vetiver that’s been CO2 extracted, meaning it’s a very high quality.

I love vetiver and I used to make a version from Haitian vetiver in alcohol for myself, it got so that I was really addicted to it and eventually I thought ‘sod it, I’m going to make it for the range’, hence Vetiver Veritas. The smell relaxes me when I’m travelling, it brings me back down to earth. Because it’s a pure extraction, it brings out the grapefruit, mint and even a tiny hint of geranium, although there’s not geranium in the mix at all. As it evolves it gets more and more fresh, which inverts the typical perfume pyramid – that’s entirely accidental! It has terrific staying power too, if you put it on cashmere or a cotton T shirt it smells good for the whole day.

I’m a bit of an old fashioned person and I like to splash fragrance onto my hands and then pat it onto my skin, although for strong perfumes I just spray on my skin, I’m very straightforward, I don’t spray it in my hair or on my scarves, that’s all a bit too dandy.