Today I’m Wearing: MiN New York’s Shaman


Who: Mindy Yang, olfactory artist and designer and vice president on MiN New York. Mindy, together with her partner Chad Murawczyk, founded Min New York, a fragrance boutique in Crosby Street, SoHo, which last year launched a range of fragrances designed, she told us, to celebrate the art of living. We caught up with her during Pitti Fragranze 2015, where she was promoting the brand’s collections.

Today I’m Wearing Shaman by MiN New York. It’s kind of my signature from Scent Stories Volume One, which launched last year. I love the scent because it’s like a love potion. The theme brief (when the fragrance was made) was for a ‘time travelling mystic’, I am a Reiki master and have been trained in the holistic healing arts, so it’s very ‘me’. On a day like this, when it’s hectic and for those New York City mad moments of my life, Shaman grounds me and keeps me feeling like although I’m running around, i’m still very Zen inside.

it’s an interesting scent because it opens with violets to draw you in, but there’s absinthe there too, which makes it quite mind-mingling. Then it pulls you into a rose, incense and patchouli composition. It’s made from timeless raw materials used by real shamans and the notes sound old fashioned but we use aroma technology to construct, so it actually makes a very modern fragrance with an almost magical feel. It’s  makes you feel like you are invincible.



  • Shaman by MiN New York

    A mystical mingling of violets, rose, incense and patchouli, all timeless raw materials which create a grounding yet magical scent


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