Today I’m Wearing: O, Cruel Incense by Blood Concept


Who: Antonio Zuddas, creative director of the Blood Concept fragrance range. Super-stylish Antonio and his partner Giovanni Castelli presented a revamped version of their fragrance line Blood Concept, at Pitti fragranze 2015. They are the rock & roll boys of perfume; edgy, cool and always impeccably dressed, which is how you could describe the perfumes too.

Today I’m wearing O Cruel Incense. It smells sexy, raw and dark and it makes me feel the same! I really love it because at its start, the materials seem ambiguous. But the scent gets deeper as you wear it due to the development of the woods and incense, which I like a lot. For me incense is a great masculine and sexy materiel for a fragrance.

I’m a bit crazy because I wear a fragrance a day, I wake up and it’s like, ‘today I’m feeling this way, tomorrow I’ll feel another way’, so I never use the same fragrance every day. I really like to smell different every time.