Today I’m Wearing: Rozy by Vero Profumo

Who: Vero Kern, creator of perfumes and founder of Vero Profumo. Vero is 75 and lives in Zurich, where her perfume business, which she launched in 2007, is based. We met Vero at Pitti Fragranze and her small range of fragrances made it to our Best Of Niche Fragrance list. 

Today I’m Wearing a home made rose oil, which I use daily as a base, it’s also it’s very moisturising for the skin and a little bit fragrant. I make it myself because I’m an aromatherapist too. Every day I put on a different oil, to uplift or to calm me, it’s therapeutic. And then on top of that I’m wearing my own fragrance Rozy, which goes very well over the rose oil. It smells of rose and also honey, because the honey note is a natural note in the rose plant itself, so what I did was to blow it up and make it bigger, to add a twist.



  • Vero Profumo Rozy

    A powerful, old school rose, with notes of honey. Rich, luscious and one of our favourites

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