Today I’m Wearing: Blue North by Agonist


Who: Niclas Lydeen creative director of Swedish perfume brand Agonist. We are big fans here at WWP of this creative and high quality artisan brand from Sweden. Niclas and his partner Christine have their roots in the visual arts and fashion, which might account for the brand’s impeccable taste and artistic vision.

Today I’m wearing our new scent Blue North, which we launched during Pitti Fragranze 2015. We put a lot of energy into creating the olfactory pyramids for our scents and Blue North is an interesting combination between cardamom, mint, orris and ginger, which ends up nicely with sandalwood and vanilla finish.

We’re inspired to make this perfume by the winter season in the north of Sweden and the immense Nordic skies we see during the colder months. We live on an island and for us, when the moon hits the ocean and reflects the sky you get a beautiful blueish hue. So we created a scent that captured this freshness and coldness but also has a comforting and cocooning character, so the scent embrace you with a spicy warmth.


  • Agonist Parfums Blue North

    Inspired by the vast Nordic winter sky, think fresh and chilly ginger, mint and cardamom wrapped up warm in a comforting embrace of spice and sandalwood

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