Today I’m Wearing: Evening Edged In Gold by Ineke

Who: Ineke Ruhland, perfumer. Ineke is a classical, French trained perfumer, working out of San Francisco, whose eponymous brand is an absolute delight of delicate, original and beautifully balanced fragrances. We discovered her at Pitti Fragranze this year and already we’re counting her scents as some of our favourite ever (watch out for Idllwyld, from the Alphabetical Collection, coming out soon).

Today I’m wearing Evening Edged in Gold, which is from my Alphabetical fragrance collection, it is of course the E fragrance and it is for me, the one I turn to most often. it’s not even my best seller, I just find it really refined and easy to wear and it always makes me feel great. it has a very yummy combination of sandalwood, cinnamon and vanilla, I love that creamy and warm combination, and it is combined with a really compelling flower called Angel’s Trumpet, one I grow at home in my garden, which has a very heady, night-scented fragrance.


  • Ineke, Evening Edged In Gold

    A lightly warm and creamy sandalwood/cinnamon haze, brightened with Angel Trumpet flower, adding a clean, green floral note. Delightful.


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