Today I’m Wearing: The Orchid Man by Frapin Parfums

david frossard
Who: David Frossard, artistic director of Frapin Parfums. David is based in Paris and not just a clever creative, but also a passionate boxing teacher who has been involved in martial arts and fighting for the last twenty years. He teaches two classes a week and up to 40% of his students are women. He thinks boxing is a perfect sport for women and that they make particularly good boxers, being supple and often very focussed at hitting.

Today I’m Wearing The Orchid Man, the new perfume by Frapin that I’ve created with Jerome Epinette, a New York based ‘nose’ who works with Robertet. It’s a fragrance inspired by George Carpentier, who was a world wide champion of boxing in the twenties and thirties and known as The Orchid Man, due to his elegant style. It’s very fresh fragrance with a head note of bergamot and black pepper, with leather and black amber. Its a perfect balance between freshness and the deeper character of the leather.

It makes me feel energetic and also very stylish, as it’s inspired by the stylish chypre perfumes of the twenties. It’s a good mix and gives you the energy you need in this contemporary world.

When I apply my fragrance, I usually spray a V on my upper body, its very comforting to put your fragrance on like you put on a coat. But I also spray my clothes, its very interesting to do this because the fragrance behaves differently on fabric.


  • Frapin, The Orchid Man

    A stylish bright lemony-citrus opener, with a beautiful warm afterglow and great longevity. A winner and a WWP favourite


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