Today I’m Wearing: Rose Silence by Miller Harris

Who: Kate Plesse, PR for Miller Harris. Miller Harris makes some of our favourite fragrances and the Bruton Street store in London is a lovely place for both men and women to try the whole range. Kate’s beautiful green dress, should you want to know, is from Carolina Herrera.

Today I’m Wearing a fragrance that was launched in the summer, called Rose Silence. It’s a beautiful take on a rose fragrance, it’s a sort of silenced version of the rose and it’s a beautiful, everyday, light fragrance that’s proving to be one of our best sellers.

It makes me feel very fresh and clean, it’s kinda keeping the summery feeling going despite it being such a grey day. It’s very uplifting in the morning when I’m struggling to wake up.

I always do the ‘walking through’ with fragrance when I apply it. I spray it into the air and walk through the mist, this way it stays on my hair too which is always nice. I also  always do my pulse points and reapply regularly during the day.