Today I’m Wearing: Néa and Nin-Shar by Jul Et Mad Paris


Who: Madalina Stoïca-Blanchard and Julien Blanchard, co founders of Jul et Mad Paris. Madalina and Julien documented their love story by setting up a fragrance brand, which tracked their burgeoning relationship through perfumed story telling in four scents, as Les Classique collection. The new range ‘Les White’, after their friends’ nick-name for the couple, has just launched in stores. Surely the most romantic perfume brand ever? 

Madalina Stoïca-Blanchard: Today I’m Wearing Néa, one of my favourite perfumes from our newly launched Les White Gold Collection, an extraits de parfum inspired by the beautiful way of life in the golden age of the Byzantine Period, It’s a very feminine oriental with floral undertones, it’s a happy fragrance full of refinement and one you can wear all day long, for any circumstance. It’s a ray of light!

I wear fragrance based on my mood or the way I dress, it’s very important to me that I get it right and I like to colour coordinate and match things in my life. I aways wear fragrance, not only on the skin but also on my hair and on my scarves and on the inside of my gloves, so every time you take off your glove’s you revisit the fragrance, and it gives you a boost.

Julien Blanchard: Today I’m wearing Nin-Shar, again from ‘Les White’, which is an homage to Babylon and the hanging gardens. It features a beautiful, very heavy and powerful rose from Turkey, because roses are not only for women. I usually wear it on my skin and on my scarf and it makes me feel confident, which should be the purpose of every perfume.




  • Amour De Palazzo by Jul Et Mad

    Our favourite from the deeply romantic Jul Et Mad range, a spicy, violet, patchouli mash-up inspired by the grandeur of Venice


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  • Néa by Jul Et Mad

    Inspired by the Byzantine Empire, this is a sweet oriental, with delicious top notes of date over a patchouli/ vanilla base

    Around £130.00

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  • Nin-Shar by Jul Et Mad

    A very rich and intoxicating rose; sweet, with a woody undertow. Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

    Around £130.00

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