Today I’m Wearing: Living Lalique by Lalique


Who: Helen McTiffen, fragrance PR specialist working with a number of luxury brands. Helen’s expertise with fragrance comes from working with scented powerhouses such as Guerlain and Acqua di Parma amongst others, and include an in depth knowledge of scent creation and development, which means she really does know what she’s talking about

Today I’m wearing Living Lalique, a beautiful powdery iris fragrance. I absolutely adore iris in fragrances like Guerlain’s Apres L’Ondee and Acqua di Parma’s Iris Nobile, but Living Lalique really works for me because it’s got a timeless elegance to it with a slightly modern twist. It includes nutmeg and also black pepper in the top notes which gives it a sparkling freshness and it dries down to this lovely warm comforting fragrance.

I do the traditional spraying my neck, decollete and wrist but I love it if I’ve got some fragrance on my collar, scarf or sleeve, so that throughout the day I catch a little hint of the fragrance and it gives me a moment of escapism.


  • Living Lalique by Lalique

    A beautiful modern iris, with an uplift of nutmeg and pepper at the start, drying down to a warm comforting wrap of floral

    around £83.00

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