Today I’m Wearing: Spice, Geranium and Sandalwood by pebble&co


Who: Tori Snowball, product development consultant for pebble&co, specialising in luxury and premium British brands.

Today I’m Wearing something we developed ourselves, it’s called Spice, Geranium and Sandalwood and was created as part of a range for men, its a spicy floral with hints of frankincense in there to give it a bit of green. I find I’m really drawn to robust, woody, smokey fragrances in winter, but in summer I’ll completely change my fragrance wardrobe around and wear Nancy Meiland’s Illumine, say, which is herbal and light and smells like rainfall.

Fragrance smells different on everyone, so for me it’s an identity and very personal, my perfume has to smell like me. It’s really nice when someone says ‘oh that fragrance really suits you’.

I spray perfume on liberally! I used to have very long hair so I’d spray all around it, on clothing and if I’ve been stealing my boyfriend’s fragrance I’ll definitely put it on my scarf for a sentimental note.