Today I’m Wearing: Daisy by Marc Jacobs



Who: Philippa Wagner, trend forecasting futures consultant who works for a number of clients including The Future Laboratory. Philippa uses the language of trends and cultural shifts to understand the future for brands, to enable them to navigate the future.  She has a background in material and innovation and uses trends as an anchor to help clients in beauty and fashion to create products and services for tomorrow.

Today I’m wearing, kind of embarrassingly, Marc Jacobs Daisy. I used to wear it when it first came out, I loved Marc Jacobs back in the late 90s, early 2000 and I had a bottle of Daisy when it came out because I was very attracted to the bottle. I’m less enthusiastic now, but my daughter loves the bottle and keeps buying it for me. She thinks I should wear it and when I’ve moved to other perfumes, she’s says I don’t smell right for her, so now it is my scent, I wear it for her.

i’ve currently got, the black one with the gold top, I’ve had lots of different versions and I’m not really sure what the difference is, it’s definitely a bottle-led not scent-led purchase and we’re currently back to the original.

My daily ritual is – along with everything else in the morning – fast and furious, because I work full time, have a dog and two children. So after my shower I spray my wrists and neck pulse points, if I feel I need a little bit more I spray into the air and walk into it – I often do this if I’m wearing a dress, less often when I’m wearing trousers. It makes me feel clean and invigorated to smell nice and in the evening I’m more likely to top up my perfume than I am to put on lipstick.