Today I’m Wearing: Pink Molecule 090.09 by ZarkoPerfume



Who Rachael White, PR executive. Rachael works on the BPublic Relations (BPR) team, and spends much of her time sniffing perfumes and testing beauty products for her job as a senior beauty executive. Sounds like the perfect job to us.

Today I’m Wearing ZarkoPerfume Pink Molecule 090.09. I love this one because it has apricot and elderflower tones and I’m a real fan of elderflower. It’s also quite light and refreshing with hints of sweetness too.

Zarko is the only practising Danish perfumer and his fragrances use molecules that continuously adapt to your body and surrounding temperatures, reacting to how you are feeling and where you are, so it means each fragrance smells slightly different on everyone. The 090.09 refers to how long Zarko took to make the perfume, which is nine months and nine days, so it has a nice story behind it.

Fragrance makes me feel a bit more confident, it’s nice to smell it on yourself, it makes you feel more feminine in a way, and more refreshed, I usually spray perfume on when I get dresses, on my neck and wrists and all over my body. I’ll also reapply later during the day if I’m going out.