Today I’m Wearing: Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her



Who: Emmanuelle Moeglin, fragrance expert and founder of the Experimental Perfume Club. Emmanuelle is based in London, but she is originally from France. Her informed and entertaining workshops offer ‘nose opening experiences’, where you learn to understand what you like, how get more in touch with your sense of smell and how to identify your favorite notes in order to create your own fragrance. She also makes ace French madeleines.

Today I’m wearing two fragrances that I’ve layered. I have tons of fragrances, maybe 50 or 60 bottles, I gravitate around three or four and use the other ones just for display. I love to layer, so for that I use mono notes, ones that are easily layered on top of each other. Firstly I’ve used Narciso Rodriguez Musc For Her, which is impossible to find any more because it was a limited edition, so I had to get my friend to ship this back from the States, from Bergdorf Goodman. It’s beautiful; a velvety, abstract floral musk scent, very ‘transparent’ and with a lot of Indol, which has a jasmine note to it and I absolutely love it.

It’s very easy to layer because it makes a lovely base, I think it smells of babies…adult babies! And it’s an oil, so it’s a different way of applying to the skin. I would layer on top of this, a perfume that was created at the Experimental Perfume Club by a friend of mine. She works at Alexander McQueen and loves perfume, she came to a class when I first started and created this around her love of patchouli. It also uses rose, ambroxan and jasmine and it turned out really beautifully. She goes to loads of fashion shows and mixes with lots of fashion people and they all want to know what it is and where they can find it. It gives her great pleasure to say they can’t find it anywhere because she created it and owns the formula. Everyone gets to give their perfume a name when they make them and she called it Kasia’s Oriental Temple Garden.

I love her story because this is the aim of what I want to do here, I helped her understand what she liked and  from that she created something very individual that fits her like a glove. She’s super happy with it and it makes me very proud.

Generally I wear fragrance oil and I put it everywhere, on my clothes, in my hair… i love perfume in hair. I’m not a fan of perfume sprays, I feel like I control the application better with oils and roll-ons. With the Experimental Perfume Club perfumes, we put the final fragrances in bottles with dropper applicators, I like the gesture of dropping the scent onto the skin, you’re more in control.