Today I’m Wearing: C by The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi


rachel main

Who: Rachel Wojcicki, Jasmine Awards and events manager for The Fragrance Foundation. We met Rachel recently at Vogue House, where we undertook an excellent Jasmine Training Day with The Fragrance Foundation, the organisation that provides fragrance education and training for industry insiders in the UK.

Today I’m wearing C, one of Azzi Gasser’s The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi fragrances. It makes me feel confident. It’s a unisex perfume so it has masculine elements which I like, it’s not just overly feminine, it’s a bit of both. And it smells so fresh, which really makes me feel good.

I always apply my fragrance to my pulse points, that’s what I’ve always been told, so my neck, my wrists. I always like to put a spritz behind my neck so when I hug somebody they can smell it. Occasionally I’ll spray behind my knees if I’m wearing a dress.

I don’t go anywhere without my perfume, I  spray first thing in the morning and sometimes I’ll reapply during the day, but I like to pick fragrances I don’t need to reapply, I prefer ones that mature through out the day, but if I want to liven things up a bit, I’ll apply some more. Working with the fragrance Foundation I’m constantly surrounded by new releases, new campaigns, brands I’ve never heard of, exciting so yeah, I’m definitely a big perfume fan now!