Arab Spring by The Fragrance Kitchen:Today I’m Wearing



Who: Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah. A very busy chap who wears many hats, Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah is a real estate developer, CEO of 360 Mall Company, which partners with the Gucci Group in Kuwait and is founder of The Fragrance Kitchen. The aim of TFK, his new fragrance venture which was launched in 2012 in Kuwait, is to change the stuffy traditional style of fragrance, instead he wants TFK to be playful and follow the seasonal fashion cycle, with new scents introduced and others discontinued regularly, increasing the dynamic and adding a sense of fun.

Today I’m wearing Arab Spring. The story of Arab Spring is fascinating, it is about converting chaos and demonstration into a beautiful scent. The research that I put into this fragrance was to bring all the plants and flowers from the Middle East, and have them all squeeze in to a bottle. That would be the smell of a real Arab Spring. It was a deliberate choice of name.

It sits at least eight to ten hours on your skin because of the concentration of the oils, we always have a minimum of 25% concentration in our perfumes.

I liken the choosing of my daily scent to how you choose your own music, sometimes you want to listen to jazz, next day Latin, the next day you’re in the R&B mood, so I change my fragrance every day, I don’t have a specific fragrance I wear every day, it really depends on my mood.

Sometimes I layer, sometimes not. And let me tell you, the bottle only lasts a week with me! You can imagine, the consumption is huge and that applies not only on myself. My seven year old niece is the same. We consume a lot of fragrance, we love to make a statement and to make an entrance at any social gathering, we like to have our smell arrive before we do, that’s how it is if you come from The Gulf.