Today I’m Wearing Musc Eternal by Mizensir



Who: Alberto Morillas, master perfumer at Firmenich and founder of Mizensir Parfums. Alberto considers himself a creator first and foremost, being the nose behind some of the biggest perfume hits of the last twenty years, including CK One, Flower by Kenzo, Estee Lauder Pleasures, Penhaligon’s Iris Prima and Blasted Heath (two of our favs)…the list is immense. His new fragrance house, Mizensir, is all about his personal choices and is a hugely competent collection of grown-up creations.

Today I’m wearing a new experiment around rose for men, it’s not in the collection yet, it’s for the future. I wear all my experiments on my skin every day. My skin is my first test, then my wife wears it, but she’s less enthusiastic to smell the experiments because sometimes they smell very bad…

I like to spray fragrance on my arms as it’s easy to smell it. I also spray the inside of my jacket so when I move, I smell my perfume,

Perfume is so important for self esteem. When you spray it, you feel – for maybe ten seconds – the king of the world. It makes you feel unique and I think it’s important to feel this emotion every day!.

Culturally, we need to spend more time learning how to wear perfume, and how to enjoy it. Sometimes people don’t know what to do with it. Sales people want to sell, obviously that’s important to them, but it takes time to ‘learn’ the fragrances, I always say, don’t make the decision quickly, take time to decide. It’s about the emotion on your skin.

Mizensir Parfums are available from Harrods.





  • Musc Eternal by Mizensir

    Created by the 'king of musk' Alberto Morillas, this is a rich, creamy, elegant musk which comes from the terrific Mizensir collection

    £165.00 for 100ml

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