Today I’m Wearing Ramón Monegal


Who: The Monegals, Laura, Oscar and master perfumer Ramón, are a family steeped in fragrance history. From the once family-owned Myrurgia fragrance house (now closed) to the Ramón Monegal brand, launched in 2009, it wouldn’t be surprising to find perfume rather than blood, flowing through their veins. Ramón launched his new brand to concentrate on developing fragrance as art, translating the values and inspiration of his beloved Spain into beautiful scents. We caught up with the family as they launched Fiesta, a limited edition eau de parfum, in London recently.

Who: Oscar Monegal, Ramón’s son and business partner.

Today I’m wearing Dry Wood, because it gives me stability.  When I have an important event like today’s launch of Fiesta, I’m often a little nervous so I wear Dry Wood, it gives me strength, more power, if you like, it’s definitely my ‘friend’ on these important days.

Who: I’m Laura Monegal, Ramón’s daughter and I also work in the business.

Today I’m wearing Mon Patchouly, it’s one of my absolute favourites and I use this fragrance every day. I spray my fragrance everywhere. including my hair, I love its combination of woods, spices and just a hint of floral. My father always explained that the interpretation of Mon Patchouly is like the sunset in ibiza, it’s this feeling of freedom and relaxation but with a point of rebellion and revolution too. So it feels different.

Who: Ramón Monegal, I’m the perfumer.

Today I’m wearing Mon Cuir, with its black leather notes. This fragrance was inspired by the Harley Davidson motorbike, which I ride at home in Spain. I made Mon Cuir to represent that feeling of freedom that the Harley gives to you when you ride it and also that sense of rebellion. It’s also about the values the Harley represents, so the smell of the black leathers you might wear, the sun on your back when you are riding it, which is represented by the orange flower, and everything the bike stands for.

For the times I wear perfume for myself, I put it on the back of my neck and hair, where I can continually smell it. It’s easy for the nose to get used to the smell of your fragrance if you wear it at the front of your body, but if you put it on the back of your neck and hair, you slightly separate the nose from it, so when you turn your head, your nose picks up the smell and you sense it again.

Fiesta is a limited edition fragrance.



  • Dry Wood by Ramón Monegal

    An elegant, woody eau de parfum with soft as cashmere dry down and ambery warmth. A reassuring 'friend' of a scent

    £130.00 for 50mls

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  • Mon Cuir by Ramón Monegal

    Inspired by Ramón Monegal's much loved Harley Davidson bike, there are hints of leather, sunshine and a wiff of rebellion

    £130.00 for 50mls

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  • Mon Patchouly by Ramón Monegal

    Inspired by the 'feel' of the relaxed Ibiza vibe, with its warm sun, independant thought and thoughtful, alternative lifestyle

    £130.00 for 50mls

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