Herba Fresca, From The Aqua Allegoria Collection by Guerlain: Today I’m Wearing



Who: Richard Hawkins, director of educational development for Guerlain, he is also the brand spokesman. Richard is a terrific teacher and we spent a very happy and informative afternoon at The Fragrance Foundation’s Guerlain training, where he taught us about tinctures, communelles, picks and facets. Exciting stuff.

Today I’m wearing Herba Fresca from Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria collection. It’s the scent of spring, of freshly cut grass and hay. It’s clean, fresh and immediately wakes you up and makes you feel alive.

Fragrance plays a hugely important part in my life. if I leave home in the morning without a fragrance on, it’s like I’ve left my trousers off. It’s part of my outfit, it’s my mood, it dictates how I feel for the day. Equally, I choose a fragrance for how I want to feel for the day.

I apply lots of it, at many times during the day! At home I’ve got fragrance in many rooms and on different floors of the house, so I can apply it if I’ve forgotten to put it on.

After a shower I’ll usually choose something clean and fresh, but I’ll change my fragrance at different times of the day, depending on how I feel and where I’m going,

And after cleaning the house I’ll use Herba Fresca on my light bulbs to bring the outdoors outside. I spray it on a diffuser or sometimes even on the light bulb itself (ed, you do this at your own risk, dear readers, do NOT electrocute yourselves) and leave the light bulb on, it’s as if I’ve opened all the windows and let the outside in.