The Fragrance of Fashion: Eau de Parfum Blanche by Alaia

Fashion houses produce some of the loveliest scents, many of which we all know well (we’re thinking Chanel and Dior, for example). But some offerings remain less well known, which is a pity, as there are real gems around, so we’re going to do our very best to bring a few, under the radar fashion brand fragrances to your attention.

And because opinions vary on the We Wear Perfume team, we’re getting our small team involved to cover all bases.
We’re Testing: The new Alaia Eau de Parfum Blanche

Amanda – content editor

First Impressions: “Azzedine Alaia is well known for his sculptural, body-hugging designs which highlight every curve, so I was expecting a full on va-va-voom number with Eau de Parfum Blanche, but it’s absolutely not that. it starts with a warm embrace of cloudy almond blossom, bolstered by musky tones which hint at sensual skin and perhaps a bit of an adventurous spirit. It’s a velvet boxing glove, soft and seemingly harmless on first impact but with a powerful and lasting lower punch.”
How I’d Wear it: “I love bold fragrances, so I’d wear this as a day scent, perhaps when I’m a bit more dressed up with say, a tailored trouser suit or chic dress. it requires some sartorial attention, I feel.”

Tamara – art director

First Impressions: “This fragrance reflects Alaia’s combination of highly skilled craftsmanship and elegant sensuality. It settles down to a lovely warm scent without being too heavy.”
How I’d Wear it: “I’d wear this for a fun evening out. It’s for an occasion when you’re dressing up in order to have a good time, perhaps you’re heading out to a cocktail party or bar. It’s an elegantly flirty fragrance.

Sandy – digital editor

First Impressions: “If you’re looking for confidence in a goddess-type way, this certainly delivers. On first hit it gives a rich, bold entrance, with a heady top note of creamy almond milk. A luxury limousine then parks up looking magnificent and bold. Sliding into the backseat I’m met with an interior lined with marzipan and seat pockets full to the brim with sweet cherries. Carried to a place of tranquillity and soft, heady opulence, I felt the urge to lie back and soak up the musky base note lingering in the powdery dry down, but the best was yet to come, wonderful vanilla that stayed all evening.”
How I’d Wear it: “My initial thoughts were that this fragrance would be best worn dressed in nothing but a silk dressing gown and kitten heels. It needs that kind of attention. Although, a velvet jumpsuit with sparkly, chunky sneakers worn to a party or drinks would allow you to take this scent out into the world, which is where it needs to be.”