Today I’m Wearing: East Bleen Woods by Haeckels

Who: Emma Elliot, co founder of Chalk PR, which handles beauty, fragrance and lifestyle brands. As well as running a busy agency, Emma is a passionate sewer and loves to spend her weekends creating. She is extremely knowledgeable on all things concerning beauty and fragrance and represents many high profile brands, although admits she often is so busy she has little time to indulge in the luxury services many of them offer.

Today I’m Wearing GPS 8′ 27″ East, also known as East Bleen Woods, a fragrance by Haeckels of Margate, one of our clients. I love any fragrance that is powdery and floral, I’m quite an old fashioned girl in that sense.

The ingredients are mostly rose and birch, but it has a fruity, crab apple note in there and it’s quite green, it almost feels like a walk in the woods with traces of moss and incense. Haeckels are a natural fragrance brand and that appeals to me. The fragrances feel very true and sit beautifully on the skin.

Fragrance is very important to me, I wear it every day, I wouldn’t go out of the house without it. I can remember my mother when I must have been seven or eight, used to go to a lot of dinners and Miss Dior was a fragrance she wore a lot at the time and just a slight hint of it takes me way back straight away. My first fragrance was Ivoire by Pierre Balmain, my father brought it back from a trip for me and my second one was Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps and I was given a sample the other day and I thought I was thirteen again.

I always apply fragrance in the morning after I’ve finished my make up and I’m dressed. I spray it onto my neck and my pulse points and onto a scarf if I’m wearing one. I like my clothes to feel fragranced too.

I’m a huge home fragrancer! In the bedroom I have a Voya Reed Diffuser in Rose and Lavender, which I think is absolutely beautiful and I often use the Bog Myrtle and Incense cones to disguise cooking smells, to clean the room up in terms of smell.







  • GPS 8’ 27” East by Haeckels

    With ingredients of wild rose and birch, this has top notes of crab apple and smoked moss, with a charred, woody dry down

    £160.00 for 100ml eau de parfum

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