Best Fragrances For Father’s Day

If you are wondering what to buy for Father’s Day, coming up on June 18th in the UK this year, we’d like to point you in the direction of three crowd pleasing fragrances that any dad would be pleased to receive.

All dads want to smell good. What better way to make your dad feel special on Father’s Day than to treat him to a new scent, one that might even become his signature? There are some really cracking fragrances for men around. To help you out, we’ve selected three of our current favourites.

Dandelion Fig by Shay & Blue

We’ve long been fans of the excellent independent brand Shay & Blue, which offers very good quality scents at an excellent price. Founder Dom De Vetta set his company up after a long career at both Chanel, where he was senior vice-president and Jo Malone London. Everything, from the smart cornflower and navy packaging, to the modern ingredient mixes, to the good value prices are absolutely on point for a modern fragrance brand.

Dandelion Fig (how’s that for a captivating modern mix?) is a luscious, stemmy interpretation of a traditional fougère fragrance. There’s a leafy, lemony start to the scent on first spritzing – it feels like you’re walking through an allotment, brushing tomato plants as you go and crushing dandelion leaves underfoot. As it settles, the fragrance warms and ripens to an earthy fig, with just a touch of gin-and-tonic juniper to keep it fresh. It’s a quality, easy to love scent and would be a particular hit, we think, for any gardening dad.

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon

Prada has a cool collection of fragrances in its portfolio and any designer-dad might appreciate the connection. This new fragrance from the brand is another modern take on the fougère – that term again. For those not familiar, a fougère is a traditional masculine mix of lavender, coumarin (a smell like sweet hay) and woody notes. It has a fresh, clean aroma that you’d recognize as ‘manly’ although we don’t really approve of gendering scents, particularly this one as it’s delicious.

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon has a lovely verdant green opening, which is bright with bergamot citrus notes adding a soft, fresh zing. The lavender is quiet and very stylish and there are hints of warm patchouli to ground the experience. It’s a well groomed scent, we can’t help thinking it’s good-looking too. It shouldn’t matter, but the bottle – with its smart black and red livery – is a fabulously stylish addition to any bathroom shelf

Eau des Merveilles Bleue by Hermès

Anything with an Hermès label on it is going to hit the spot for a sophisticated dad and what ever you chose from the brand’s collections will be very wearable, but the new Eau des Merveilles Bleue is a particularly gorgeous celebration of the sea.

From the pebble shaped bottle to the salty marine accord of the scent, this is a beautiful spray of fresh and breezy sea air. It’s a quiet walk along a sandy beach dodging rock pools, spotting boats on the horizon, with a slight chill in the air but the promise of a bright day ahead. Understated watery elegance at its best.