Today We’re Wearing: Milky Musk by Parle-Moi de Parfum and This is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.2 by Histoires de Parfums

Who: Elisabet (Lisa) Kjellqvist and Tara Derakshan, co-founders of Sniph, a discovery service for premium perfumes that has recently launched in the UK. Together they do lots of scented research to curate an interesting selection of quality perfumes, which are then offered to Sniph members monthly.

There are a few perfume subscription boxes around but we like this one because of its simplicity; you select  from one of six themes (ranging from clean to avant-garde) to receive a months’ worth of a selected niche perfume to your door. The fragrance comes in a stylish phial, 8mls in total, which can be interchanged with new samples as they arrive. If you are keen to discover beautiful perfumes but have no time for research, this is an excellent way to use the skills of experts.

LK. Today I’m wearing Milky Musk by Parle-Moi de Parfum. Milky Musk is the perfect balance between traditional and modern musk that you just cannot stop sniffing. I think it smells of Parisian nightclubs, autumn dusk in Stockholm and a weekend in New York City, at them same time. The milk note really hits the nail on the head, turning it both tender and incredibly sexy.

TD. Today I’m wearing This is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.2 by Histoires de Parfums. The sweet, floral and colorful rainbow-like This is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.2 is the complete opposite of what I normally would say that I like. My go-to scent is Santal 33 by Le Labo, but this one, I just had to have this remarkable bottle after having sniffed it in Tel Aviv last summer. It makes me happy as it reminds me of the 40 incredible women I was on the journey with and how much we empowered each other. It also reminds me that there will be summer again. Ha!

LK. Fragrance, scents, everything that smells really – people, fingers, hair, clothes, things – all play huge roles in our lives. Fragrances are not only indispensable accessories for both of us, we’ve realized that we use perfume and ambience scents to become better people and get that inner turn on.

TD. When we feel stressed or anxious, just a quick sniff on a scarf with one of our favourite perfumes, or just by passing by a scented candle at home will instantly make us feel better. And after all, if it weren’t for our passion for scents, we wouldn’t have been running a company together!

LK. I spray fragrance generously on my clothes. I think it lasts better when the molecules have something to hold on to. Also, I love to smell the perfume on the shirt I had yesterday, when opening up my wardrobe in the morning. I guess that’s kind of a scent ritual too,  and my own way of recording yesterday’s scent memories. Tara, on the contrary, sprays three times above her head to make sure every molecule is equally distributed on hair, face and clothes. If you see her randomly twirling around or taking a random step forward, she’s basically ”topping up”.

LK. We definitely use scent at home too. Our homes are our castles and where we get to relax, load our batteries and get ready for our next achievements. At my place you get the scent of Linari’s diffuser called Kyara. It’s such a brilliant composition that makes me not only relaxed and cosy but gets me back on track whenever in doubt. At Tara’s place, however, you’ll get the pleasant scent of newly built wood mixed with dry eucalyptus (on which she’s currently crushing) and six thousand scented candles. Tara might have Stockholm’s largest collection of scented candles.

LK. I have a love-hate relationship to a strong smell that’s always present on a bridge next to my house. When moving there I kept on getting a mental throw-back to hot summer days in the Marais, Paris. Why? Because the bridge smells just like Kiehl’s Original Musk that I wore when working in Paris ten years ago! After a while, though, I realized that men permit themselves to pee there. So, male pee on hot pavement and Kiehl’s Original Musk have apparently got quite a lot in common.

TD. I kinda like the small of gasoline – when I was growing up we used to travel everywhere by car and when that smell arises anywhere I get this feeling of excitement inside and feel a sense of freedom somehow, that I can go anywhere I want and do whatever I like. In small doses it can be very liberating.

Find out more on Sniph at the website here