Today I’m Wearing: Magnetic Wood by The Harmonist


Who: Muriel Juhel, international sales director for The Harmonist. We caught up with Muriel at The Harmonist London launch, where we were envious of her ability to look super-cool on one of the hottest days of our summer. Muriel has changed her career a few times in her life, being very successful at everything she puts her hand to. She has recently moved into perfume, wanting to experience the business side of the luxury fine fragrance market, and finds she loves it, enjoying both the chemistry but also the poetry of the final perfumes. Her marvellous suit, if you’re curious, is from Massimo Dutti suit.

Today I’m wearing Magnetic Wood from The Harmonist. All our fragrances use exceptional components based around the five elements of nature; fire, wood, water, metal, and earth. Magnetic Wood makes me feel as if it’s summertime every day, and that everything is possible. The main notes of the perfume include mimosa, green mandarine and sandalwood.

This fragrance chose me, but also I chose it! With all perfumes I think our tastes evolve over time and it’s been a big event for me to change perfumes. When I decided to change, this fragrance came into my life and now I use it every day. It makes me feel good and acts like a support, like a good friend or a lover.

My fragrance is very important, because it’s like an aura surrounding me, giving my friends and others a taste of who I really am.

I use Magnetic Wood every day, usually in the morning and I spray it mostly on my head – on my hair – and round my body. I don’t spray that much directly on my skin, instead I spray on my clothes.

The scent I use in my home is totally different, I use more essential oils and go for a more lemony and fresh atmosphere, and sometimes also lavender because I’m French and we’re brought up surrounded by the scent of lavender. When I was a baby my mother – and all French mothers do the same – put lots of lavender in wardrobes, in the bath, around the house everywhere! I find it very relaxing.

Having to go to the Middle East a lot for my job I’d say that oud isn’t a scent I particularly like, also metallic notes are sometimes a struggle. But I’m always very curious about scents, so I am never put off trying something new.

Harmonist fragrances are available at Harrods.