Today I’m Wearing: Magenta by SRI London

Who: Kristiana Sripetchvandee, founder of perfume brand SRI London. Kristiana comes to fragrance creation with a refreshingly modern, Millennial mindset. With her SRI London collection she’s creating fragrances that appeal to her generation and that means no retro what-my-mother-wore formulations and a lighter touch with classic ingredients such as oud. We think she might be onto something.

Today I’m wearing Magenta, SRI London’s midnight rose and musk fragrance. As with all our fragrances Magenta is inspired by a certain type of individual and the Magenta person is one that you have an uncontrollable addiction to. It’s that person who walks into the room that you can’t stop staring at and want to be close to.

This person draws you in like a magnet, toys with you and just when you think you’ve figured out why that might be it slips away again and you’re back to square one. The scent itself and the way it develops gives me huge confidence and makes me feel unstoppable. This makes it a non-negotiable when it comes to my ‘power morning ritual’.

I always get excited talking about my fragrance rituals. It really depends on the occasion and my mood, but I would always apply perfume just before I walk out the door after I finish getting ready in the morning or evening. Because SRI London fragrances last all day, I don’t feel the need to top up during the day, but I sometimes do just as an instant perk me up!

I typically apply perfume one of two ways. If I wanted to maximise the perfume’s tenacity, I directly spray the perfume on both wrists without rubbing them together, behind the ears and on the chest part of my clothes. I learned this trick so that I can smell the perfume on me as well. If I wanted to be more subtle and understated, I’d spray a perfume cloud in front of me and walk through it – eyes closed and smiling.

I do scent my clothes. Not when they’re in the wardrobe because the fragrance I choose to wear with my clothes on any particular day can vary depending on my mood, but certainly I’ll spray the chest part of my top as part of one of my fragrance rituals and the inside of my jacket or coat. I also love spraying perfume on my scarf in the winter because it makes me feel good.

I am definitely guilty of spraying perfume on the inside of my bags – mostly my gym bag as I am at the gym five to six days a week. I also sometimes spray the floor of my car before I leave it so I have something to look forward to when I get back.

I believe fragrance is a way we can express our individuality and it’s also an accessory that helps us feel good about ourselves, the way that clothing can. It’s difficult to describe my personal clothing style because, as my scent of the day changes depending on my mood, so does what I choose to wear on any given day. That’s why just as I believe it’s important to have a comprehensive clothing wardrobe, we must have a fragrance wardrobe to complement this too! This idea of the fragrance wardrobe formed a huge part of the thinking behind SRI London’s gender neutral, five-piece collection.

I always want to discover what’s new in the world of fragrance, experimenting with scents and layering, and reading about what goes on in the industry as part of my leisure time outside work. I feel like I’m constantly learning and it’s something I personally enjoy and it makes me happy.

I wouldn’t say it’s hard being female in the industry, if anything I feel it works in my favour. Especially being both female and from Thailand, I’m immediately different and I see that as an opportunity, not a hindrance. I believe your mindset has a lot of influence in how you do things and how people respond to you, so choosing to see the situation as a positive is very empowering and makes the journey a lot of fun.

My love for fine fragrances started in Dubai through my natural and organic skin care brand, Gold Bar. I was fascinated by the way perfumes were viewed and presented in the region, and how it’s embedded in the Arabic culture. One of my favourite traditions is that in the Arabic household, having a tray of perfume to welcome the guests is an important part of a family’s hospitality. I feel that’s very beautiful.