Today I’m Wearing: Colonia Veneziana by Merchant Of Venice

Who: Marco Vidal. Marco comes from an Italian family which counts four generations of perfumers in its heritage, they even have their own fragrance museum. Eight years ago Marco opened Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo, in Venice, a beautiful space that celebrates the history of fragrance in the city and provides a home of sorts for his own fragrance brand, The Merchant Of Venice.

His family heritage – he can trace his ancestry to the founding families of Venice – has influenced the evolution of the brand as well as the fragrances he creates, for example using Venetian-made glass bottles in the Murano collection. It’s a wonderful, under-the-radar brand of perfumes that is well worth investigating. We grabbed a minute with Marco to discover what fragrance he was wearing recently.   

Today I’m wearing Colonia Veneziana by The Merchant Of Venice. It’s a very energetic and sunny scent, in fact I chose it because I wanted to feel like this on this radiant day.

For me, perfume is everything and everything is in the perfume. Between visible and invisible, sacred and profane, gesture and genius.

I have a daily ritual for scenting myself in the morning and then whenever I desire. Now I have also ritualised the shaving of my beard with a pre-shaving scented oil and then the classic perfumed lotion sprinkling which is always pleasant.

I perfume myself to feel good and I choose between different fragrances according to what I want to feel, there are notes that make you feel protected and warm you, others that give you energy or that make you feel strong.

Sometimes I scent my home but I also like to have fragrant flowers in the house.

I like the smell of turpentine, that of paper, that of oil paints, but perhaps the strangest smell I like is the smell of horses.