Today Linda Key Jackson is Wearing: Radical Rose by Matière Premier

Who: Linda Key Jackson, is the CEO of The Fragrance Foundation UK, a position she’s held for 12 years. The Fragrance Foundation is a not-for-profit educational organisation supporting the fragrance industry and it has grown enormously over the years, now with over 170 companies that are members. The mission is to drive growth and expand the love of fragrance through education, inspiration, and celebration. We’ve completed a number of its excellent training courses – the most fun are the ones with Roja Dove – and are supporters of the excellent work the foundation does. The annual Fragrance Foundation Awards is the best night of the year for fragrance people, it’s our version on the Vanity Fair Oscars party, and just as much fun. Linda has access to the best of the best fragrances, what is she wearing today?

I am extremely lucky as we have so many fabulous fragrances to try, but today, I am wearing Radical Rose by Matière Premier.  I am a huge fan of rose, and with the warm spicy notes combined with its earthiness and metallic notes it really is quite special.

I actually find this fragrance both uplifting but also calming and with a busy day ahead in the office this fragrance helps keeps me positive and able to pace the day. It fills me with happiness.

I make a huge effort to wear a different fragrance each day, as that way I can experience so many and build a fragrance wardrobe. It’s all about appreciating different scents, for instance I adore big white florals such as gardenia and jasmine I love the headiness of them but yet I also love the freshness of neroli, bergamot and lavender. It’s all about your mood and how you are planning your day.

For me there is nothing nicer than wearing a fragrant body cream, it really does help your fragrance last all day. I’m a big fan of body products and I get very disappointed when brands discontinue lines such as a soap or a body wash. So, in an ideal world my ritual would be to have these all at hand. I particularly loved last year when Dior launched their Millefiori collection with mini scented candle, bath bombs and bath pearls. What a treat!

Fragrance has been important to me all of my life, from first smelling my mother’s fragrance White Fire by Grossmith which brings back such fond memories, to it becoming my career for the last 40 years.

I absolutely use scent to help with my wellbeing, we shouldn’t underestimate fragrance and the important role it plays in all of our lives, and it can really take you to a calming place. For me I particularly enjoying growing aromatic herbs.

Our home is full of candles and diffusers, in our entrance hall my favourite to have here is Myrrh & Tonka scent surround by Jo Malone London, it’s such a welcoming scent and we get so many compliments, and often our guests treat themselves to one after they’ve left.