Today I’m Wearing: Wild Fig & Cassis and Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone


Who: Rachel Ries, American songwriter and musician. Rachel is a wonderfully talented artist who has released a number of acclaimed albums. She describes her songs as ‘Fine-tuned delicacies with a snarl of disarming candor’ and proudly carries the torch for the domestic arts, indeed her homemade preserves and hand-stitched notebooks can often be found at shows, nestled amid the 180 gram vinyl, CDs and T-shirts. Her latest album, Ghost of a Gardener is available here.

Today I’m wearing a combination of two Jo Malone fragrances, Wild Fig & Cassis and Pomegranate Noir. For me the Wild Fig & Cassis smells of everything bright and green. There’s this verdant presence to it, I once talked with Jo Malone on the phone during a radio interview I did, and she told me she smells in colour. To me this fragrance is exactly a field of green. And then Pomegranate Noir brings this red, sexy hue to the table and softens everything, It makes me feel sultry and singular, I guess it makes me feel like myself.