Today I’m Wearing: Vanilla Marble by Agonist


alternative christine lydeen

Who: Christine Lydeen. Christine is partner to Niclas and they both live and work as a perfumers in Sweden. Originally planning to work in fashion- she studied and worked as a stylist in Paris – Christine moved back to Sweden about 15 years ago, met Niclas and together they launched Agonist. The well respected niche brand aims to combine a fragrant and artistic point of view with its perfumes. We love how each Agonist perfume displays its ingredients prominently and proudly on the label, something you rarely see in fragrance! 

Today I’m wearing Vanilla Marble, it’s a vanilla scent with the smell of almond inside it as well, so its a gourmand fragrance. We always say that it takes you back to your childhood memories, to when you had your first sugar rush…

When I wear it, which is usually in the summer time, it  makes me feel confident and happy. I love to spray fragrance in my wardrobe so it scents my clothes, and I often wear it on my scarves and accessories.



  • Agonist Parfums Blue North

    Inspired by the vast Nordic winter sky, think fresh and chilly ginger, mint and cardamom wrapped up warm in a comforting embrace of spice and sandalwood

    Around £98.00

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  • Vanilla Marble by Agonist

    A bakery full of warm vanilla and almond sweetness, layered over a coffee-spiced base of patchouli and sandalwood


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