Today I’m Wearing: A Trembling Rose by Linda Landenberg

Who: Linda Landenberg, olfactory expert, creator and entrepreneur. Linda has her own consultancy, where she advises the fragrance industry on development and strategy. She studied in Grasse, France and launched her own collection of perfumes – also made in Grasse – in September 2017.

Today I’m wearing A Trembling Rose by Linda Landenberg Parfums, an elegant and dignified scent that gives you a straight back and a calm focused energy. I think it represents my role, look and ambition for the day. It makes me feel divine and smart.

I have a wardrobe of fragrances, maybe 350 or so. I reject the idea of a signature scent, you should have a wardrobe of fragrances. First of all, I want people who meet me to remember me because of my personality and not because I had a chypre on. Secondly, my way of acting, my mood, my strength or weakness looks different depending on where I am and whom I am facing. Sometimes I want to make a statement and make some noise, sometimes I value the role of being a team player and therefore choose to step back, sometimes I want HIM to look at me with warm hungry eyes.

I grew up on Lidingö, an island just outside the center of Stockholm. During my childhood I spent every moment in nature – hanging in an oak tree on the cliff side, playing hide and seek in the fields, collecting bugs, flowers or stones. If you pay attention you will find beauty.

People ask me ‘when did your interest for perfume and the olfactive world start?’. I tell them it’s never been an interest, it’s a necessity. For me fragrance is a way of breathing. But my fascination developed when I started to work in a perfumery 29 years ago. Suddenly a new type of olfactive organisation showed itself, instead of laying down at the sun-warmed cliffs or close to my dog’s paws, I discovered femininity, luxury, power and sexuality in exclusive bottles of eau de parfums from fancy French brands. Since then I have stayed in the world of beauty.

I became quite well known when I created, developed and established a unique fragrance service at NK, department store in Sweden. The ‘wow’ about it when I launched it in 2011 was that it was multi branded, educating and client oriented and no one had done anything like that at the time. It also encouraged the development of a wardrobe of fragrances based on each customer’s specific needs.

My daily scent rituals start in the morning. First thing I do is I turn left, to smell the skin of the love of my life. Second thing I do is to get down on my knees over my dog in his basket, kissing and smelling his belly. Third thing is coffee…A lot of coffee. Fourth thing is standing in our conservatory reflecting over life (everyone else in the house is sleeping at this time of the day), looking out over grass, trees and birds, picking flowers from the lemon tree and dry leaves from the fig tree for smelling before throwing them in the bin.

Life is a journey and I haven’t had a straight line, but with strong passion and determination, combined with trust in my gut feeling, I’ve always been true to myself.

Linda Landenberg Parfums